Dharma Words

In 2005, Venerable Master Hsing Yun began writing the column “Dharma Words” for the Merit Times.  The column adopted a didactic focus: each topic or problem is broken up into discrete points to allow readers to solve problems and examine issues step-by-step.  Keys to Living Well and The Mind of the Practitioner collect the best of Master Hsing Yun’s “Dharma Words” columns, available for the first time in English.

Select “Dharma Words” columns are also available in bilingual editions.  The Carefree Life and The Awakening Life present “Dharma Words” with side-by-side English and Chinese translations.  These highly structured columns are ideal for those seeking to learn either language.

DW1: Keys to Living Well

DW2: The Mind of a Practitioner

DW3: The Awakening Life (Bilingual)

DW4: The Carefree Life (Bilingual)